Route to my House

Dear Google, I live on a dirt road and my address doesn't reflect that. Although you now have found my house you show a route that can't be traveled to get to it and Google Maps won't let me correct that. I hope no one gets shot by my Neighbors to the West as a result of following your route. They don't take kindly to trespassers. Please provide a way for me to tell you the route. Thanks Dan Pendergrass 5081 N. Silverbell Road Tucson AZ.


Dear Google,

Why is there so much static space before I get to my Drive content?


Original language for movies in Germany

Dear Google,

could you please find a way to provide movies in the original language? Movies are just better that way.

Standard Sharing of Google+ Posts on Android

Sharing content on Android is such a wonderful experience and solved perfectly. Unfortunately the native Google+ app does only allow sharing within the app itself. It would be beautiful, if we could add longer posts to Pocket or promote them additionally on Twitter.
Can we please get Android's standard sharing implemented in the Google+ app?

Copy & Paste on G+

Dear Google,

while I can speculate as to why you don't allow this feature, I would kindly request the option to copy&paste links to people on G+. I don't know anyone who writes longer posts directly in G+, so it would be helpful to be able to just paste them.
What is more, oftentimes the suggestions do not match the persons you're actually trying to refer to and there's no option to be shown others...

Jelly Bean 4.3

Dear Google,

Android 4.1 was a buttery breeze, loaded with new engines, features and improvements. Just a couple of months later you gave us Jelly Bean 4.2 with a new lockscreen, camera, notifications and more sexy features.

But we developers can hardly keep track anymore. Please let the next version of Android be Jelly Bean 4.3, with less features but more polish of the UI, performance and developer tools.

Scholar Could Be More Lucid

Dear Google,
I love your Scholar search engine. It has not only provided me with substantial material for all my university career, it has also saved my butt a couple of times. Still, the result pages could be a lot more lucid. While it is generally a good idea to provide the user with a short abstract of the article, it is more confusing than helpful most of the time. The page looks really cluttered.
Also, the author search will spit out too many results if she/he has a popular last name, regardless of their first name. I would also love to see the option to search for free articles only.

Enough with the 4.7 inch screens.

I really enjoy the Android platform. I've been impressed with the quality of apps lately; we are definitely seeing more of them. With that said, there's just one thing that really bothers me. I don't want to be forced to a 4.7 inch screen just to use the latest cutting edge hardware. I can choose between a 7 inch and 10 inch tablet, why can't I choose to have a smaller phone? Definitely has become a deal breaker for me.

Too many colors

Please Google, your logo's color patterns looks like a children's playground. Make it blue or grey or boring evil.

Drive mobile spreadsheet could be a lot better

Managing your documents on the go and writing new texts with Drive works flawless. Thanks for that, Google. But the whole mobile spreadsheet experience is horrible, compared to everything else. A mediocre web view, where a user has to reload all the time he edits a single field just does not cut it. Can we get the same love for spreadsheets as we got for docs, please?

The Google+ icon on Android doesn't follow the guidelines

Android's latest 4.x guidelines tell us to design the launchericons "Three-dimensional, front view, with a slight perspective as if viewed from above", yet the Google+ icon is as flat as it gets. Can we have it match the other, very beautiful ICS icons?

Creating a new Drive document on Android should work offline

Google Drive's syncing works great, but you can't create a new document in the Android app, when there's no connection to the web. Creating and saving a new document locally should be able at all times.